You can now start living your life the way you will wish you had on your deathbed.

Marcus Aurelius

About the Academy

Sapientia est potentia – wisdom is power. There is a huge difference between knowledge and wisdom. We become wise the moment we learn how to live the knowledge we have. It is one thing to know what we need to succeed, to be happy or to prosper in every way, but quite another to be able to apply it in our daily life. In essence, everyone knows what they should do, but not all people do what they know they should be doing. Simply put, the way we see it, wisdom is knowing how to use the knowledge you have.

The Kenan Crnkic Academy has been established with the primary goal of helping you gain functional knowledge and training you to apply it in your daily life, through the use of unique, powerful, globally tested cutting-edge tools, whose strong and positive effects you will surely feel within short time.

We will not succeed unless we change some of the things we do every day; the secret to true success is in the daily routine.

kenan-crnkic-about-academyIf we were to conduct a survey and, using a random sample method, ask people on the street what they want from their life, most of them would say they want to be successful and happy. It is so unbelievable that nobody, at any level of the formal education system, teaches us how to be successful and happy. As long as we live, we should learn how to live. It is exactly for this reason that our Academy focuses on acquiring functional knowledge and applied, always handy skills that are equally applicable to personal, professional and corporate growth and development. Our cognisant growth and development today are the only guarantee that each new day will be better and more successful than today.

We truly believe that good is the greatest enemy of great. Nowadays, we have too many good lawyers but too few great ones, good doctors but too few great ones, good trainers, speakers and academies, but too few great ones. The fact that our Academy is founded by a pioneer of motivational literature in the territory of the South-Eastern Europe, who is a bestselling author with immensely rich academic and practical business experience, and that we only use methods and techniques that are backed by persons who are rightfully considered the best in their line of work, greatly illustrates why we are different and better than the rest of them.

kenan-crnkic-academy-pictureThe best project you will ever work on is yourself and your employees, while the surest investment you can ever make is the investment into your functional knowledge.

The only thing certain is uncertainty. Uncertainty is defined as abundance of change. Therefore, only change is certain and the only way to always be ready for the coming change and to be one step ahead of our competitors is to choose only the best. Truly successful people never look at the price of things, but at the value they bring them. Do not look at our seminars, lectures and coaching services as an expense, but rather as an investment with the highest possible return. Life is too short to be petty and it has always been and will always be only what we make of it. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Once you are able to recognize what is invisible to others, you will easily accomplish any and all goals and reach your full potential.

The results speak louder than words and it is the results that constitute our strongest reference. If you want to feel the power of true change, to gain state-of-the-art knowledge and skills that you need in your daily life, to become highly successful, to find true happiness, to live a purposeful life and to outlive life, if you want to have a steady and reliable partner that guarantees the accomplishment of your desired outcome – contact us, we will welcome you with pleasure.

The best time to start was yesterday, but the second best is right NOW.

Welcome to our Academy and, more importantly, welcome to your new life!