The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Stephen Covey

Other seminars

  • In addition, our Academy offers the seminars in strategic planning, organization, human resources, management, control, setting up and achievement of goals, development of business and personal (carrier-life) plans, positioning and branding, networking, public relations, personal finance and financial management, creative thinking, writing and publishing, management of time and priorities, as well as many other required topics of current interest that may be adjusted and tailored to serve various personal, professional and corporative short-term and long-term needs. Beside individual seminars and trainings, we find our offer of blocks or series of various seminars is especially interesting. Following discussions with the employer and/or his representative and detection, we conceptualize together with him the blocks of seminars in the context of continuing education annual plans. Please be free to contact us for all additional questions and consultations without charge!

Unique seminar on sale! Kenan Crnkic Academy

  • In now already cult film “Wolf of Wall Street“ main character, Jordan Belford (Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Belfort), while interviewing prospective salespersons for recruitment in his company, asks them: “Sell me this pen“. This seemingly simple question illustrates the best the revolutionary method of sale “Straight Line Persuasion System“, especially developed method by Jordan Belfort, the world no.1 sale trainer. This technique guarantees success in sale of any products or services while insisting at the same time on the issues not included in the standards techniques of sale. It is exactly for this reason that the principle of “The Straight Line Persuasion system” is nowadays one of the rarest and also the most sought-after sale training seminars worldwide. We offer training in this method in combination with NLP as well as other proven and powerful tools as one-day or two-day mini MBA seminar where you also get the supporting materials for your efficient use afterwards. If you want to learn or teach your employees, business partners to be great salespersons which will result in drastic increase of sale of any products or services, seek the best- contact us this very day!