To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.

Robert Lewis Stevenson

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Lino Cervar

Olympic Champion

Admir Suljagic

Director of HJPC

Igor Davidovic


Bruno Balen

Serial entrepreneur

Inga Lalic


Melita Bestvina

Court Expert

Tamara Pirker

HR manager ROCHE

Milena Sekulic

Regional Director Eurobank

Carma Filipović

Webster University

Dr. Suvad Isaković

Owner ITC Group

Bruno Šimleša

Bestseller Author

Sara Kozomara

Director Zoom optical

Ivana Govorčinović

Life coach

Nemanja Kišo


Alis Marić

Blogger (Čitaj Knjigu)

Prof. Dr. Davor Perkov

University professor

Iva Bele

Success Trainer

Tomislav Anadolac

Serial entrepreneur

Mladen Stojak

Owner Ciklopea

Dr. Božo Skoko

PR guru

Izabela Vrtar

Editor in chief Sensa

Josipa Smoljo

Student Association

Maja Tayfur Mali

Beauty and Esthetic Consultant Allergan

Patrick Bedić

Student and Entrepreneur

Andrea Vlahov

Estetic centar Nevia

Branka Gajić

BG Online

Vedran jakšić

Executive director HBOR


Rialda Jašarević

Marketing Manager


American public speaker and author