“Motivation doesn't last, neither does shower. That why we need it everyday”

Zig Ziglar

Motivation lectures

We all need motivation to overcome setbacks or problems and to continue with our journey along thorny paths of success and happiness at full speed. The word motivation is a combination of two words, MOTIVE+ACTION=MOTIVATION. If you have a sufficiently strong WHY, you can deal with any HOW. Our Academy offers open motivational seminars on various topics and in-house motivational seminars that we do upon invitation from corporations and companies as part of their regular or ad-hoc seminars, meetings, team-buildings or conferences, with the objective to quickly raise the level of motivation and work zeal of both employees and their managers.

On top of the aforementioned, as the bestselling author of motivational literature in the region of South-Eastern Europe and a motivational speaker who has inspired and helped hundreds of thousands of people from various professions in the region and worldwide, Dr. Kenan Crnkic performs upon invitation as a key-note speaker at both open and prestige gatherings, to the end of creating optimal atmosphere that stimulates creative and productive work. Motivational lectures generally take between one and three hours.

We will gladly send you the price and organizational terms upon request!